Byers Bros. Boxing Factory

Your Trainers in the Boxing Factory

Sebastien Byers


When the long-planned medical studies gave way to professional sports, it became clear that Sebastien’s passion was for physical challenges.

The professional sports coach had his first boxing match at the age of ten. A short time later, wrestling awakened great enthusiasm in him.

After finishing school and graduating with the federal baccalaureate, Sebastien toured Europe as a professional wrestler for several years and at the same time he completed extensive training in personal security and hand-to-hand combat.

Sebastien has been leading individual and group training since 2019. He is very popular with children and young people. His specialty is endurance, mental development and support during competitions.


Nicolas Byers


Active in boxing since 1999, he competed in various national and international competitions in his youth and was later able to continue his passion as a judge and referee for international boxing associations.

By opening an old-school boxing gym, he, along with his brother and their combined 40+ years of experience, decided to offer people from all walks of life a place to practice this magical sport.

Nicolas has been successfully leading individual and group training since 2013 and is very popular with young people and adults for his strict, militant coaching style.